David and AlexPERP BaPY - Persons Experiencing Relaxation, Peace Breathing and Pulse Yoked"Persons Experiencing Relaxation, Peace"
Breathing and Pulse Yoked
A Non-instrumental Human Biofeedback technique that helps to empower a person to make continuous choices


Besides the 7 items mentioned on the home page following items can be benefited by PERP BaPY Program

The PERP-BaPY program is designed to help relax, slow the heart rate and lower the blood pressure of the participant which could help to empower the person to make continuous choices; choosing the pleasant and positive, thinking, feeling, speaking, living, life style versus the negative, harmful, hurtful thinking, feeling, speaking, living, life style (a life style of stress and anxiety).    
The PERP-BaPY program may also assist in finding answers to chemical dependency problems or eating disorders; can facilitate healing from the effects of trauma or loss; provide support and direction for issues arising from interpersonal relationships, the work place, school, self exploration and personal growth; aid in dealing with grief or coping with stress; help to resolve marital or family conflicts.

A comprehensive list where PERP-BaPY program can help as an additional process:

Academic Problems; Addictions; Adjustment Disorders; Adoption; African American Issues; Alcohol Abuse/Dependence; Anger Management; Anxiety; Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorders (ADHD); Behavioral Modification; Blindness/Visual Impairment; Chemical Abuse/Dependency; Child Abuse/Neglect; Chronic Pain Chronic/Terminal Illness; Co-morbid Medical Conditions: Compulsive Gambling; Conduct Disorder; Cultural/Ethnic Issues; Depression; Divorce; Dissociation; Domestic Violence; Eating Disorders; Gay/Lesbian/Bisexual/Transgendered; Grief/Bereavement; Infertility; Intermittent Explosive Disorder; Learning Disabilities; Military Life Style Issues; Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder; Oppositional Defiant Disorder; Panic; Parenting Issues; Personality Disorders; Phase Life Problems; Phobias; Physical Abuse; Postpartum Depression; Post Traumatic Stress Disorder; Public Speaking; School Problems; Sexual Abuse Survivors; Sexual Abuse Offenders; Sexual Disorders; Sexual Dysfunction; Social Skills; Somatization Disorders; Stress Management; Time Management; Trauma; Vocational Problems; Women’s Issues; And More...

Meditation Relaxation techniques like Yoga, Zen, Mindfulness, and so on, focus on breathing in and breathing out. Our technique for the first time, describes how each person can focus on counting their own pulse while conscious of deep abdominal breathing in, pause and breathing out. For the first time again, the four places to feel the pulse easily and count the pulse is described. 
This PERP-BaPY program can be done unnoticed and as needed even in a very public place and no one will be aware that you are bringing yourself into a more relaxed, alert, focused, temperate state of mind.


The PERP BaPY Technique is patent pending
David Nisbet & Alex Zechariah