David and AlexPERP BaPY - Persons Experiencing Relaxation, Peace Breathing and Pulse Yoked"Persons Experiencing Relaxation, Peace"
Breathing and Pulse Yoked
A Non-instrumental Human Biofeedback technique that helps to empower a person to make continuous choices

Training, Distribution and Franchise

Contact us for Training, Distribution and Franchise.

We undertake to train and CERTIFY individuals or groups in the Perp-Bapy Program. Those trained, will be certified as ‘Perp Trainers’. The Perp Trainers will be franchised to start their Perp Training program, as a home based or Institution based business program. 

Healthy individuals or those having problems mentioned in the Application page, are encouraged to perform this invention at a personal level at no cost.  The only requirement for those who practice the Perp program is that they give us the feedback on the results, besides their suggestions and comments.  We accept free will offerings from those benefited at an individual level to support the Not for Profit organization, Compassion Now Network for All as detailed below.

Any other use of Perp program in groups or for commercial purpose is prohibited.  Any mention of the Perp program or imitation of the program without written permission of the inventors is prohibited.

After Administrative expenses, the inventors plan to donate all the profit  generated from Perp-Bapy program to a not for profit organization: Compassion Now Network for All.

(See the website:www.cnn4all.org )

 This organization’s activities includes

In USA:  Prison Ministry, Jail Ministry, Substance abuse prevention and treatment, Aftercare for Prisoners/ others. Service and Training in these areas.

International activities: Support of Orphanages, End of Life Care for Cancer, AIDS and other chronic conditions in Asia, Africa and South America and so on.  International training and support in Prison Ministry, Jail Ministry, Substance abuse prevention and treatment, Aftercare for Prisoners/ others.

Inventor: Dr. Prof. Alex Rhema Zachariah MD. M.S.(Indiana U.) FCAMS.
Former Chief Medical Officer, Provena United Samaritan Medical Center, Danville, IL.
Former Dean of Christian Medical College, Ludhiana, India.
Director/Secretary Compassion Now Network for All. Urbana. IL
Director, End Of Life Care programs

See websites:  www.bubblingrhemamelodies.org   www.fitandactive2010.org

Co-Inventor: David Nisbet, Director, Vineyard Prison Ministry, Urbana, IL.   
Director Prison Ministry: Compassion Now Network for All, Urbana, IL.

Contact us: david@perpbapy.com  rhema@perpbapy.com


The PERP BaPY Technique is patent pending
David Nisbet & Alex Zechariah