David and AlexPERP BaPY - Persons Experiencing Relaxation, Peace Breathing and Pulse Yoked"Persons Experiencing Relaxation, Peace"
Breathing and Pulse Yoked
A Non-instrumental Human Biofeedback technique that helps to empower a person to make continuous choices

Alex Zechariah singingDavid-Rhema PERP Program.
Perp Bapy-Be Happy Melody.
PERP is an acronym for
“Persons Experiencing Relaxation, Peace”

The Technique is called BaPY, an acronym for “Breathing and Pulse Yoked”.  This Non-instrumental Human Biofeedback technique helps to empower a person to make continuous choices: choosing the pleasant and positive thinking, feeling and speaking, living- life style versus the negative, harmful, hurtful thinking, feeling, speaking, living -life style.

In all happenings:
To be Free & Happy,
Is ultimately- our choice

Verse 1:
Perp Bapy relaxes us,
Perp Bapy puts us at ease;
Perp Bapy gives us peace,
Perp Bapy makes us happy;
Love, joy, peace, relaxed happy.
Feel pulse in four places;
Both wrists and front of both ears;
Feel pulse one place at a time;
Clockwise and counter clockwise.
Count four pulse when we breathe in;
Pause and then count two pulse;
Count four pulse when we breathe out;
Pause and then count two pulse.
2 Verse 2:
Perp Bapy helps anxiety;
Mind focused on pulse, breath;
Whole body tend to relax;
Pulse rate and BP drop.
Love, joy, peace, relaxed, happy.

Ear touch
hand technique
Verse 3:
Perp Bapy helps us when stressed;
Focused on counting the pulse, 
Breathing in, then breathing out
Wonderful stress buster;
Love, joy, peace, relaxed happy.
Perp Bapy sets us free;
Helps us to make choices
Reflex-response gets a break;
We choose our own response;
Love, joy, peace, relaxed happy.

Lyrics, Music and Singing:  Dr Prof. Alex Rhema Zachariah MD. Urbana, IL. USA.

Champaign County Correctional Facility Prison

Mr. David Nisbet, Director of the Vineyard Prison Ministry in Urbana, IL, along with  Dr. Alex Rhema Zachariah MD, are Prison Chaplains of the jails and prisons in the Midwest Illinois. They dedicate this melody to all the inmates in Champaign County prison and Satellite jail. They are, just to mention a few, Dan, Tim, Scott, Eddie, Dontrell, Tony and many others.  They   enthusiastically, sing this melody and practice the Perp-Bapy Program.

Mr. David and Dr. Rhema, deeply appreciate the dedication, diligence and full cooperation and encouragement of Nancy R. Griffin, Program Coordinator Champaign County Jail and Mr. A. Jones , the Superintendent of Jail  of the Champaign County, and their dedicated, warm and friendly staff, without whom this and other  ground breading programs, for the inmates, would never thrive as it is now.

We thank  Terry Maloney, Mission Music, CD Recording Studio, Urbana, IL. for professionally, recording the melody in his Sound Studio in Urbana, IL. USA.  February 23-24, 2012.



The PERP BaPY Technique is patent pending
David Nisbet & Alex Zechariah