David and AlexPERP BaPY - Persons Experiencing Relaxation, Peace Breathing and Pulse Yoked"Persons Experiencing Relaxation, Peace"
Breathing and Pulse Yoked
A Non-instrumental Human Biofeedback technique that helps to empower a person to make continuous choices

The Version of The Invention Discussed Here Includes: 

  1. hands Clasped togetherSee the diagram and clasp hands together, then swing the free thumb to the base of other thumb and find your pulse. (This is your radial artery pulse at the wrist.)
  2. As soon as you locate the pulse, take one deep cleansing abdominal breath in and out slowly
  3. Then inhale slowly for four pulse counts.
  4. Pause for two pulse counts and then exhale slowly for four pulse counts.
  5. Switch position to use the other thumb, repeat the procedure in exactly the same sequence, feeling the radial artery pulse at the wrist on the other hand.
  6. See the diagram for locating the superficial temporal artery pulse point with your right index finger at the front and center of right ear. In the same order [2, 3, 4] repeat the breathing exercise. Inhale slowly for four pulse counts, pausing for two pulse counts and exhaling slowly for four pulse counts! finger on superficial temporal artery
  7. Repeat with left ear with left index finger.
  8. It not necessary to use the four pulse sites one after another. You may stick to one or more sites as you prefer.
  9. As for the four sites for feeling the pulse, our suggestion is to use one site to have a quick PERP-BaPY response. You may stay on one site if you desire more relaxation and want to fall asleep. Doing the PERP-BaPY on two sites alternating can make you relax as well as make you awake and alert. PERP-BaPY on three different sites will relax and make you more alert and awake
  10. To be fully awake and alert as well as relaxed, you may PERP-BaPY all four pulse sites, in a combination of clockwise, counter clockwise, even crisscross manner.
  11. With practice as you become proficient, you may increase the pulse count to: Six pulse counts pausing for two pulse counts and exhale for six pulse counts.
  12. With more practice: Eight pulse counts pausing for two pulse counts and exhale for eight pulse counts. CAUTION: We do not recommend more than 8 pulse as this may cause giddiness and fainting.




The PERP BaPY Technique is patent pending
David Nisbet & Alex Zechariah